Sunday, October 19, 2008

While I'm on the subject of Idaho...

Let me just share a few more amazing things about Idaho. First, I love that all my family (and Zach's family) lives there. How cool is that? Here's a picture of me and my sibblings. We can make our own pyramid!

Second, Idaho has a lot of really great small towns. Cambridge, Idaho, is a real gem. Few have been there, but those who have know and understand why it rocks. These pictures may help illustrate this point.

This is a convenience store in Cambridge, Idaho, complete with stuffed game from Africa and other cool places around the world. That's really cool. The animal below was my favorite.

This town really got into the spirit. The telephone booth reminded me of my days in England. Third, people have really cool pets. This is me with a mini horse in downtown Boise. 'Nuff said.

Fourth, Idaho is beautiful. I could add a ton of beautiful Idaho pictures, but I'll add just one.

Fifth, Idaho is full of awesome recreational activities: skiing, hiking, waterskiing, rafting (some of the best in the world), greenbelts, and on and on and on. It really is a gem. And yes, I have rafted down the Payette River. In fact, I am probably one of the rafters pictured above. Anyways, I could go on and on and on about the benefits of Idaho. It really is a gem of a state and I get really annoyed when people, especially those who've never been, bash her. I stick up for her every time because she's great. Like I said, I can't wait to get back!

Time Flies

One thing I've always wanted to do is take a picture by the "Welcome to Idaho" sign. Bless Zach's heart, that dream came true last February or March. Awesome. I love the great state of Idaho and cannot wait to return for good in April 2010.
That's me climbing the sign, showing my state pride. I got a little farther up, but it was really cold and it's difficult to climb metal in the cold. Zach, on the other hand, got all the way to the top! I just wasn't quick enough with the camera to document it.

Why, yes, I do know the entire Idaho state song. Want to learn it? Just ask.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

So it's been awhile...

So it's been quite some time since I have posted. About 4 months to be exact. What have we done since then? Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, new car, new niece, two trips to Idaho, lots of finals and midterms, get the point. We've been pretty busy. Granted, I definitely had time to blog over Christmas break, but choose instead to enjoy a little leisurely reading and the time away from my laptop. I have now finished my first semester of law school. Still love it. Still can't believe I have 5 more semesters of school. (This one is basically over though, right?)
Since the New Year, I have resolved to exercise. Zach and I have enjoyed getting started and have even enjoyed the BYU gym. It might be a little crowded, but the fact that it is free makes up for the lack of space and the lack of air conditioning (almost). So when we go to the gym, I enjoy running on the treadmill. For long periods of time. The problem is that I am a klutz and I like to people watch/play with my ipod while on the treadmill. More often than not, I can be seen grasping onto the handlebars in a last ditch attempt not to fall. This occurs because I was either people watching or playing with my ipod. Anyways, I have convinced myself that I provide entertainment for other people watchers like myself.
Anyways, I thought I would post a few pictures to spice up this bad boy. Enjoy...
Zach and I went to the temple in Salt Lake City. What a beauty!

This is my Grandpa Norman. How cute is he?

Grandpa K after treating Zach and I to lunch at the Skyroom. Presh.

Zach found a stalactite outsite of our apartment. I held it. It was cold.

This is where I live. Seriously.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nothing much is new

So I have realized that this blog is B-O-R-I-N-G. All we do is study. I guess one exciting thing that has happened recently is my family came into town. Not all of them, but four is better than nothing. I was a little under the weather, so we mostly hung out at our condo. Anyways, my sisters Jen and Kathryn came, as well as Jen's adorable and gigantic 2 year old son Grant and of course my mother Kathy. Who doesn't love Kathy? She whipped up some delicious potato soup and even made Zach and I jello. What a dear. It is always so nice to see the fam. Zach and I are getting pretty excited for Thanksgiving because we get to go home and see our families. Only five weeks away!!! Also, I didn't have school last week. Yep, one entire week off of school. Never in my years of schooling have I had an entire week off of school during the first semester (except of course Christmas break, which is technically between semesters and doesn't count). A week off was so nice. I only had a little reading and a paper to right so it was nice to be able to relax. That's about it for us!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Excuse me?

Who gave winter the permission to skip over fall? It is freezing outside right now--a whopping 37 degrees. The only good side is that means I get to start wearing sweaters. I guess it is a good thing BYU has an away game this week.

In other news, I am totally bummed about the new Grey's. What a let down. I have been faithful to that show for three seasons and what does it give me? Nothing. I don't know if I can remain true to my Thursday nights anymore. I might have to actually switch over to the Office. We'll see. Grey's has one week to make it right.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Law School/Accounting

So...Zach and I are in school. Translation? All we do is study. Literally. I study at school a lot, and then come home, make dinner, and Zach and I study at home. It really is very exciting. We both love our programs though, which is good.

On another note, my mom came to visit a few weeks ago and we had fun. We went shopping, she took me to Costco (love that place--our freezer is so FULL right now), we watched the BYU v. UCLA game, took a tour of the new alumni building (beautiful), and went out to eat. I love having visitors--it gets lonely here with all of our family in Idaho. My little sister celebrated her 17th birthday last week, and it is always hard to talk to the family on the phone while we are here and they are all together. Only a few more years though.

Anyways, I got home from school yesterday and Zach had dinner on the table along with a beautiful vase of flowers and a card. What a dear. He always knows how to make a great day better. OH. Zach and I are also supporting Mitt. We had the opportunity to go to SLC last week with the Holloways to make phone calls on his behalf. Want to donate money? Let me know. I know how to set you up. Mitt 2008!!!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Moving and school

Zach and I finally made it back to Provo. We love our new apartment and ward. We were able to move in Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and Zach's brother, sister-in-law and mother drove down from Idaho to help us move in. Thanks Josh, Crystal, and Stacy! It was so nice to have all of the help because we are once again on the third floor. Zach organized everything and cleaned while I was at school on Monday so we are all moved in and organized. We really enjoyed living so close to our families this summer, but it is SO nice to have all of our own things and our own place again.

In addition to moving in, I have also started law school. I started an MPA last fall, and will graduate with a JD/MPA in 2010. That seems like a long time from now, but I am sure the time will FLY by. I have a carrel, which is convenient but also a sign that the school basically expects (and demands) you take up a second residence in the library. I am loving my classes so far and have met a lot of great people in just two short weeks. I am sitting in my carrel right now and should be reading about criminal law, but decided I needed a little break. Zach starts the junior core on Tuesday, so we will be super busy once we are both in school. I know he is excited to get going, as I am sure he has been bored sitting around the house waiting for me to get home from school everyday this week.

I don't know how exciting posts will be for awhile because I will spend most of my time studying; however, I will try to post as many of the random Provo stories I encounter as they come. On that note, I have one. Zach and I were walking downstairs in our apartment building when we stumbled upon an awkward situation. One grown man was lying on his side on the landing of the second floor, with another hudled over him. On closer inspection, we realized that there was a fire over the man on the ground's left ear. (He was laying on his right side.) We walked by and they muttered something about a "science experiment." Likely story, but school has not started anywhere except the law school here. And we don't have science experiments. We think they were trying to drain earwax, but two grown men doing it together? Weird. Zach thinks they are gay and said he had seen some sketchy behavior from the pair of them. I'm not sure. But it was definitely an awkward situation.